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Miri and I had been discussing doing a couple cosplay since Youmacon last year (when we made the Robbie's together). Since we are both such huge Lunar nuts, it was a really easy decision; Nash and Mia.

I used muslin to alter patterns I already had for the dress and sleeves. They were made using a thick cotton, because I wanted to keep it look like an adapt's robes (because Mia is an adapt to Vane's Magic school) Thanks to help by SailorGaia, Miri and Sonified on my LJ, they gave me a few tricks of the trade in adding the purple stripes and designs onto the costume. The piece around my neck and shoulders is a hood, althought a very small one. Someone pointed out to me that all the adapts and priestess of Althena have them.

The shoes were bought from Goodwill and painted using Neopaque by Jacquard. The wig was bought from Arda Wigs. Its a Claudia in black. The head band was a piece of stretchy yellow fabric I bought in the remnants at Walmart! (Sometimes its got some good stuff)

In the future I would love to do Mia's swimsuit as well.

Thank you sooooo much to Miri for being my Nash and getting really excited to do this costume with me. It was a blast and I think the best part was taking all the silly pictures that will never make it to the internet. Also, thanks so much to SailorGaia and her friend Amber for being awesome and taking pictures of our silliness.

<3 Lunar


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Straywind This costume is so cute! You look beautiful and adorable. X3