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A long time ago, one of my best friends made a sprite art of Roll in a cute pink outfit, and well, I had a lot of pink foam and fabric.
I started work on this the day before the convention &gt;< That's why it looks very..unfinished. I had a problem with the sewing machine I was using that pulled random threads in the material while sewing, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, so it was either leave the bottom as a raw edge, or an ugly bunched mess.

The dress is a bunch of patterns modified and slapped together, made from polyester lining....LOL never again. The "bib" and the cuffs were made of a one-sided fleece material, which was surprisingly cheap and easy to work with. The circles on the chest and cuffs are made of a unidentified type of vinyl which I found in the remnant section of fabricland.

The boots were a seriously tough thing. I made them out of yoga mat foam (<3!) and a lot of blood/sweat/tears. I modeled a pattern for the feet part from looking at a friends pair of foam boots, and the top parts are just foam trapezoid things fit and glued. They were really hard to get on...there is elastic on the bottom to keep them in place.

My wig is just my Zelda wig, pulled up into a ponytail, and the bow is wire covered with ribbon, and clipped into the ponytail. I can't wait until I get a proper wig to craft into Roll's huge ponytail, with proper bangs, and a better bow.

The blaster is an official Megaman NT Warrior toy, with the sticker removed and painted two shades of pink. Hitoshi Ariga, the guy who did the Megaman Megamix manga, was at Fanexpo, and he signed it @[email protected] So amazing! He was so kind, and drew Protoman on it. <3 Blues!

Roll was stupidly fun to wear. The best part was shooting off the blaster projectiles in the air when people asked "Does it shoot, lol?" I got a lot of people asking me where I was from, and then when I said I was Roll, just pink, they were all "Ohhhh! I thought so!"
I plan to make the proper MvsC colours, red and grey, with a better wig. Heck, I plan to make all of Roll's outfits. I just love her so much :)


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