Bubble Head Nurse

Silent Hill 2



Tipical monster you can find in Brookheaven Hospital in Silent hill 2.
I made the dress from a white dress that I bought for cheap then stained with coffee grounds, red and black acrylic paint. Once dry I added more coffee splashed all over the fabric, then after waiting for it to dry, I extended the neckline down on front of the dress and sewed two stitches at the edges. For the gloves I used an old pair of cloth gloves, have them sewn to tighten as they were wide and gave a bad "fluttering" effect at hands, then I have painted both with red acrylic. Same color for the shoes, I added a small strip of cloth as a belt, while for the mask, most difficult part of this costume, it took me several hours of work. First I measured my head and created a basis of paper form so that I could begin the work starting from right proportions and not risking to make it too tight. Once the base paper was dry, I soaked in glue and put the fabric already colored with gray and red acrylic, then when the glue was dry, I applied the typical Silent hill nurse hat on the top of the mask...add to that a "dirty" makeup effect on the skin ... so that's it :D Have fun!!
Thank you so much Fancesca for these wonderful pics!! :D


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Series Silent Hill 2
Character Bubble Head nurse


RinoaYuna Ecco. Il mio sogno. La prima volta che ho pensato di entrare nel mondo dei cosplay mi sono detta che prima o poi sarei riuscita a realizzare questo costume... Spero un giorno di poterne fare uno perfetto come il tuo. Assurdo, l'ambientazione, le pose, il costume...sembri uscita direttamente dall'ospedale di Silent Hill. Davvero tutti i miei più sinceri complimenti!!

PyremonInfernos Wow, very authentic and creepy-looking! Great job there, and great photo location too.

Chiruha Excellent job! I hope mine turns out just as good.

Liz Shepherd Wow! The mask is awesome, perfect location and the poses you did are all FAR MORE than great. One of the best costumes I-ve seen actually :D'

Francesca C. mi piace ma..volgio vedere più sangue...più sangue...ancorAAAA!!XD

rpmsauron Definitely looks like the most troublesome costume you've come up with! Looks like you had a lot of work put into it! Hope you get all awards in the upcoming conventions! You sure deserve it for that whole lotta labouring :D Looking like a true serial killer stright from Silent Hill ambience! Keep up the good work and you know I'll be around feedback'in on you ****

Aladdin12 perfetto come sempre! sembra uscito proprio fuori dal gioko... fa paura Oo

Quina Favorite'd... You really did a nice job with this one; great dress, mask, location, poses and makeup :D!

fly_aguilera ciao amico! Sono molto felice e lusingato la loro lode! molto a cuore! un grande abbraccio il tuo amico in modo brasiliano!