Kairi ( Pink Dress. )

Kingdom Hearts II



I really like the Pink Dress Kairi wears in Kingdm Hearts II. I'm trying to play through the first game now and plan to play the second ( even though I know what happens. ) and I just randomly decided Kairi's dress would be a nice first try as a cosplay to make on my own.

The fabric I found is the perfect salmon shade of pink that makes her in game character.. ( as opposed to to FMV screens. ) I'm so happy with how the dress turned out. The zippers work nicely and it fits perfectly! I'm so happy. The white fabric goes in nicely and the lace is really nice and looks close to hers.

The hood was easy too. I has some scrap black jersey knit fabric laying around and I just used a hoodie as a pattern and one, two, three, it was done! Two minutes tops.

The belts where.. weird. I wasn't sure what to do. So I bought some craft foam and used more of the jersey knit fabric. I cut the peices and covered them in the fabric. Then using metal wired I shaped the metal rings and stappled them together. A good temporary until I figure something better.

The pouch is actually going to be my camera holder! So I can easily take pictures, and it was only $1!

The shoes I'm borrowing from a friend. They should be close enough for now til I can make my own pair. I'll also pick up black shoe laces for the extra black effect.

My necklace is off, a bit. The bead is wrongly colored but it's close enough for effect til I perfect it. But in such short time and no money I'm stuck!

My bracelets are actually the vegetable rubber bands. ( LOL!! ) White ones come of Foxy Broccoli so I just colored two and BAM. Instant bracelets.

And as for hair I'm just going to straighten my natural hair that's dark brown ( matches in-game color. ) And it should be fine!

Total Work Hours: 5 - 7 Hours.


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi ( Pink Dress. )
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