Yoko Ritona

Gurren Lagann



All patterns were drafted by myself. As much as vinyl is hard to work with, I love sewing it. I dunno, it's like a love/hate relationship. Boots were hand painted, zippers are made from craft foam and attached with snaps.

A big thank you to Kyandi for providing me with red vinyl and casting the lovely resin gems that are on my bracers, and to Animeisha for donating the pyramid studs I used for my belt.

The wig is made out of 2 wigs, the base wig being a ravished red femme fatale from amphigory that I had cut bangs into, and straighted out with a flat iron (on low of course), and the pony tail being my Mink wig (cosworx red Punky XL) with a clip on it. The wig is a bit heavy. It was lots of fun to figure out how to make the wig since I'm no good with wefts and extensions. I think it works rather nice. It may not be the darker red that her color is, but I think it works well. :)

The gun was made specifically for the ACP Gurren Lagann Contest.

Materials used for the gun: 2 cans of Navy Blue Spray paint, Pink spray paint, Yellow & Black acrylic paint, PVC pipe & random pieces, Sprite Bottle - for the green plastic used on the scope & lenses, Plastic suction cup dart - for the inside laser pointer, Toy Gun, Foam board, Poster board, Googly Eyes, D-Rings, Metal Hook Screws, Duct Tape, Packing Tape, Model Magic, Cup, Joystick, Paperclay, Craft Foam, 20oz. Coke bottle top, Super Glue, Epoxy, E6000, Vitamin Water Caps, and Super Sculpey. I don't have the pink strap attached here, but it is now.


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Series Gurren Lagann
Character Yoko Ritona


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Strifehart Hey yeah nice meeting you too! I had a lot of fun. Your Yoko is awesome by the way. I know its really random but she's the only character I recognize. All the other ones look great too, but that doesn't mean much from someone who doesnt know what hes talking about >.o

Emilyy Best Yoko I've ever seen!

Shigatsu-Neko your so gorgeous!! Love your yoko cosplay first saw it on youtube <3 love it, wonderful body for yoko <3 just spelended

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Royalconqueso :O where did you got the orange glasses? I've been looking for them in some shops and I can't find anything similar. Did you buy them on the internet?

youmee400 Great cosply! I'm really hoping to cosplay Yoko and you've given me some great ideas! If you don't mind my asking where did you find pink stockings?

chany wow!! epic win!!!

myo-chan the best Yoko!!!! Epic Body *o* :P~

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tama_chan man u are hot alright!!

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Cagalli Kasshu heeeeezaaa~ i'm going to copy your bracers, can I? since i'm casting resin jewels now *roll eyes* I finally have THE DATE to wear my yoko, i restarted the work!!!~ And wait for a package in your mail soon ^^!!!

J-me a very flaming hot yoko XD really pretty cosplay