Kingdom Hearts II



Once upon a time I cosplayed Axel. Roxas has always been my favorite character, but I was always scared to cosplay him because I was terrified of looking horrible in the costume. Plus I never had an Axel who I felt really fit well with me, so I just continued to do what I'd always done before.

Then I met Rex Dart.

I will never ever cosplay Axel again. She's eons better than me, to the point where I willingly lacefronted her a wig piece. Anyway, even though I think I'm a pretty girly Roxas, I have a lot of fun in this costume, because I totally don't need this, and neither does Roxas.


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Created 11 years ago
Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Roxas


Twinfools You are a great Reno, Roxas, Axel, what else can't you be!

GHprime omg you are like the most perfect roxas ever. what wig did you use? you need to tell me preeze~~

cloudstrife77 wicked job on the hair. is it a wig? how did you do it?

LakuriSyaoran wow!!!! :O thats a really good roxas cosplay! you acctually look like him! :O

NarBear wooh ur the hair is so awesome. It's not a wig is it?