Fai D. Flourite

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



To say that this was a labor of love is an understatement. I started this costume back in October and did the final touches in the hotel room the night before I wore it. It all started with a trip to Hancock"s to look for the perfect fabric, which happened to be on sale and I bought it all, just in case.

After that came all my crazy ideas on how to make this outfit of Fai's come to life. CLAMP doesn't always take into consideration that some things are hard to do with real clothing, but I wanted to make this possible.

The jacket is my baby. I want to wear it everywhere. It's fully lined in dull white satin and has hand set eyelets in the sleeves and back. The lacing in the back is all tacked down so that it doesn't move and the sleeves have insets over the lining to look as if the lacing is over a second part of the sleeve.

Now when it came to the pants, those were fun...not. I had to cut the front twice, baste them together, then make sure I split them evenly and then stitched them down, added the white edged cording, and then more hand set eyelets. There's 104 eyelets in the whole outfit.

As for the shirt...I hated making it. I made it three times before I was satisfied. The floofy stoof, as I affectionately call that collar, is completely separate from the shirt. It's three layers and snaps shut in the back.

The eye patch is made to fit my face...that was a chore in itself since I was measuring on my own with no help. But I got it right.

As for the feather designs on the eye patch, ring, and tie pin, they are all hand sculpted by me and then painted. I attached all the chains with jewelry hoops and the one on my hand is attached to a ring.

My wig was easy to style, as there was no cutting involved. Just making the ponytail sit right and adding the ribbon to it.

Overall, I am so in love with this outfit I could cry. I felt I made a decent Fai for my Sakura. We got complimented so much. I was only planning to wear it one day at A-kon but ended up changing back into it Saturday and wore it to the masquerade ball, despite the fact that the bindings I wore to flatten my chest made it tricky to breathe. Oh well, the things a girl does to look like a CLAMP boy^^


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Fai D. Flourite


ChatNoir Great Fai!! ^^ I love that you did this version of him, I don't see it done as often.

LinkPwnsGanon Nice Fai! I love the jacket!!! :D

sugarpunch18 Your Fai blows me away! Fantastic job!

KitoCosplay Another costume that has a regal look to it. I love it!

Ashbrie Those pants are SO snazzy! I mean, the whole costume is fabulous--but the pants in particular have won my heart ;D

Quinn the Shiki I've gotten back into Tsubasa lately, and I must say you make a pretty awesome Fai!

e6host Phenomenal workmanship... I'm pretty blown away, this is all great stuff...

zizi994 Omg. o_o It is incredibly how much you labored into this costume. Great job!

DreaM HunteR Nice cosplay and great wig *w*

Kiichigo *is speechless* This is absolutely perfect! You make a wonderful Fai, and your Sakura is so pretty and the costumes... *drool* This seriously looks like you stepped out of the manga *.*