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Sometimes I wonder why I even try and do costume re-creations. They all end up looking so different than the original design.

So I like the Arkham Asylum Harley design... kinda. It's cute, and I could see her wearing something like that once she ditched that crazy bodysuit. The thing about the design that I liked least was the color scheme. Red is very Harley, but I've always loved black with red, and I think the purple on this particular design is too vibrant. Soo... I made the outfit my own :)

This was a bit of a rush job, honestly, but a lot of fun to work with and lots of fun to wear.

~The shirt and the corset were bought ages ago and I (GASP!~) pulled them out of my closet. If I had had more time to work, I definitely would've done the puffy sleeves, since they're so adorable on Harl.

~The bra I painted myself with just black and bloodred (I think it's actually called 'spice') paint. Something else I wanted for my design was more of a Dark Knight feel, and bright colors don't exactly fit into that movie. So instead of all my reds being Candy Apple, I aimed for them being rust or the color of dried/old blood.

~The sleeves/armlets I made. Very simple, just scraps of fabric that fit to my forearms. The gloves are just dollar-store gloves with the fingers cut off. I was originally going to do my nails (have one hand red and one black) but didn't have time while packing up Sunday morning.

~The choker I made from a lace scrap I had leftover from Robin.

~Thigh highs were bought. I may get either red and black striped ones or a black and white striped set (left leg black/white, right leg red/white) sometime in the future, but I'm relatively content for now.

~My favorite part of this outfit is the skirt(s). In some pictures you can see it better than others, but I actually have a black and red tulle skirt under the black and red Tim-Burton-looking overskirt. It was lots of fun to make, and I had such fun deciding on the patterns for the overskirt. The overskirt fabrics are just cotton quilting fabrics with really awesome designs <3

~For my makeup I just used basic Halloween makeup. Black lips, white face, and black "mask" around the eyes. My original plan was to use a black pleather mask, but after studying the cartoon a bit, I decided to go with makeup. Watch Harley's eyebrows and you'll see what I mean :)

~My hairstyle is the traditional Harley hair. I had bleached mine a while back and have been waiting for it to grow out. I liked how it ended up looking, for the most part. The hairties are black and red checkered shoelaces.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, though I can't really imagine what might be asked about this outfit ^^;


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Series Batman: Arkham Asylum
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Variant Arkham Asylum re-design


redtailor45 Absolutely loving the Harley, the bang flag came out really nice. did you make that?

Solis_Karn AMAZING ... i love this Harley, i just love Miss Quinn all together and ive yet to see an Arkham style cosplay for her great job