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this costume was given to me by Heroes' Haven comics in return that i promote the store and also get a cosplay group together for them which i have dubbed the Heroes' Select which was in no way ment to relate us to the Heroes Alliance who are they're own group. Though DP has been a suit ive been dying to get and run around as over time ill make Varient suits just like how he has in the comics and well yea thats it really. im a big DP fan and im here to help bring him justice x3


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Series DC Comics
Character DEADPOOL
Variant original


cloudwarrior Well the materials can be bought at joanns fabric

princeoxford I have a problem, I bought exactly the same costume but I couldn't see anything??? i could but only in daylight/..the cosplay im going is on a night. Please help??? i created a hole but it ruined it :/ any fabrics i could use?

Prota-Girl You are amazing...I need a picture with you with myself as Bayonetta on a shooting rampage at either Megacon or next Metro. xD

CRIMEWAVE haha love your deadpool! btw this was canti!

jahir_black_L_ fantastico dead pool

Purified Ace mad props, friend. uber kudos. You pull Deadpool off with gusto.