Leon Magnus

Tales of Destiny



There are lots of things on this costume I'd like to redo at some point, although I really don't know when I'll find the time for it since I have enough cosplay ideas to line me up for the next two or three years. The jacket in particular was kinda falling apart and the gold trim was just sorta... slapped on there. Somehow the jacket came out too short and too wide, and blah blah blah... on to the nice things!

I love the boots and orbs for this costume, both of which I got really lucky with. The orbs are basically just a clear bouncy with shiny flecks in it, cut in half and painted with blue glass paint. I could not have asked for better looking materials (and better luck, too, because I found the bouncy ball underneath my couch!) The boots were just plain black boots that I bought at walmart for like, $15 or so, and then I spray painted with blue paint, and they magically took the paint really well. They're comfortable enough for short periods of time but frankly, I can't wear heels for more than 3 hours or I want to kill myself, I've really got to stop picking characters with heels, no matter how slight the heels are &gt;_<!

Anyway I don't imagine this costume in its current state warrants any barrage of questions on how-to, but should anyone feel curious feel free to ask I guess, I'd be more than happy to help. ^^; Also I apologize that there are not more full-body pictures of this costume. If I ever decide to wear this again maybe I'll take more pictures, hopefully ones that DON'T suck.


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Series Tales of Destiny
Character Leon Magnus


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