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I decided to step up my game after Pyramid head. Right now I just have the skeleton of the diving bell, and the bottom of the diving boots made. My biggest concern is once again going to be weight and cost. As it stands it weighs about 2 pounds and has cost nothing. My goal is to try to make it mostly out of cardboard, cover with posterboard and bondo/hodgepodge the seams. Thus far it has been much easier than expected.

update: The skeleton is complete and it's already pretty heavy despite my best efforts and getting in and out of it require an act of contortion.

update: the skeleton now has a skin. It has to be painted with fiberglass resin before I begin painting it. The weights are made as well as the tanks for the back. The face plate is finally enclosed and coated with several layers of bondo. I have to sand this final layer then put a light coat of spackling on it since it's easier to sand to get the smooth finish.

Late update: It's nearly finished. I have the boots made and they are pretty awesome if I say so myself. just have to take pics of their awesomeness. All I'm missing is the left hand and the lights. Go Mr. B!!!

Everything is GO! The lights work as well as the other hand. It gets entered into it's first con next week.
The video of everything working can be found here.


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KalynBDuke I am in love with the step by step. Awesome!

Arlanet Oooh....great Big Daddy! I love the pics showing your step by step along the way too. Definitely awesome.

Remmi A-maz-ing. :D I absolutely adore this.

L-coco the drill looks AWESOOOOOOOME! how did you make it

Criana Super awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product :D

newbie^^ this is so cool i will be watching to see how it turns out ;D

ZombieChan Awesome! Big Daddy? I'll be working on Big Sister C:

weskerlicious Can't wait to see when it's finished! ^__^

Meatbun Wow, this looks like quite the project. Hope things run smoothly and I'm anxious to see the result!

MischaU OMG Pyramid Head now Big Daddy! You have great taste