Zombie War Machine

Iron Man



-Inspired by Marvel zombies comics. War machine turn zombie, with extreme damage helmet from fighting zombie hulk. Also got infected from it.

designing this costume to be in the Movie Iron Man 2 when it come out :D and going to have more random fun with it.

Update on War Machine Armor.
finally finished the helmet, and here are some reason why my armor look the way it does. The reason being is that i used Phil Saunders War machine concept and balanced some of the New IronMan 2 Armor design in to the concept, hench forth a hybrid War Machine Armor. I seen the leaked Ironman 2 from Comic-Con San Deigeo 2009 and most of the design i did fall REALLY close to the War machine armor. so im really excited :D Hope you enjoy my journey of creating the armor :D

Additional info
-Built material High Impact urethane
-over 610+ rivets and rivet washer used so far

Spec's so far
-Super-flex plated abdominal area V1.0 "plates move as i move"
-Wrist rockets w/ High Powered Green laser v2.0 completed
-Mini Gun simulated fire and drop lock system w/laser v1.0 completed
-Movie accurate Arc reactor v3.0
-Crotch Piece armor v2.0 Completed
-Leg's/Thigh armor v3.0 Completed
-Full upper leg/thigh cover/armor upgrade v1.0
-Upgraded elbow covers v1.0
-Arm flex join covers v1.0
-Armor shoes v1.0 Completed
-Neck cover piece armor v3.0 "-extended"
-Replusor gauntlets v2.0
-Movie Accurate Helmet v.2.0
-Lighted eyes v1.0


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Series Iron Man
Character Zombie War Machine


Avatar Alvaang AMAZING! I love the zombie series and u did a PERFECT job! man I rly wish I can make a costume as cool as that!!

FruityKyuubi Dude I'm sure you know this but, You give off EPIC. your Phenomanel! the pictures are High quality [Kudos to the man behind the camra] the detail put into this is just Sensational. keep it up *0* EPIC best Iron Man

Otaku5 YEAH!!!

Prince NEO Neat helmet design.

jahir_black_L_ kawai is perfect

Angeal this is an awesome costume

Angeal i freaking love this

Xig2 is the chest panal able to light up by chance?

Xig2 This costume is the most amazing thing ive seen in a long time!! i stive to someday complete a costume with armor that is 1/10th the greatness of this one!

Mohmoh simply stunning!