ODST / Dare / Recon

Halo 3: ODST



Made for my sister.

Helmet was bought in rough cast form from Ithica of Soaring Hammer.

Tossed together very hastily (<week's worth of work if I recall).

Chest piece uses an older, inaccurate version of the ODST chestpiece, as Dare's is different anyways. Pepped and fiberglassed. Thighs are also glassed.

Ab pieces are a quick pep file, hardened by slush casting plastic and put on a piece of airsoft body armor.

Legs and arms are modded sports pads.

A reflective insert used for football helmets was used for the visor.

Russian RD-54 backpack originally purchased for a Metal Gear Solid costume had 2 SAW sling pads strapped on it to bulk up the shoulders and was used to add extra detail.

Black flightsuit for undersuit.

Belt/cod pieces made by foamboard and foamboard wrapped in canvas.

Helmet was chipped in a drop, but it works since the Helmet was damaged in the game anyways.


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Series Halo 3: ODST
Character ODST / Dare / Recon


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