Yamamoto Takeshi ver. Vongola Box




This is just a preview of Yamamoto's Asari Ugetsu, which was made by Train, Bonkersjune and Final, while I helped! :D

The sword was made out of strip pine. The Kojirou guard was molded out of air dry clay and sprayed gold like the Vongola crest, as that's what we figured its colour would be, as we only had the manga for reference.

The blade itself was then casted in blue resin to recreate the rain flamey effect. Although because of this, the sword is extremely heavy and unwieldable due to its frailty.

I'm also going to make the 3 short blades, but not with resin. I'm just thinking about making the handles?


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Series Reborn!
Character Yamamoto Takeshi ver. Vongola Box


Lurrdoc I haven't seen the show, but this costume looks amazing in comparison to the pictures of the character I've seen online. Nice detailing on the sword too.

HisSilentFilm Best Yamamoto cosplay I have seen! Beautifully done!

awj sword is amazing and i hope my vongola box come out like yours. can you tell me how you did the design on it?

ChiisaiYume Oh! You were the awesome Takeshi I saw at Con-G. Sword was amazing, kudos to the makers =)