Kratos Aurion

Tales of Symphonia



Finished in time for AUSA. It only took 16 packages of bias tape.

Base: The navy colored bodysuit was made from a disco jumpsuit pattern.

The white pant legs were the rest of said pattern. The jacket type top was made using a bolero pattern. After that, I just started adding more and more belts. Why someone would need that many belts is far beyond me.

There's a slight progression in photos as I added more detail when I felt less lazy. I also redid the Flamberge and restyled the wig for AnimeNEXT. The most up to date photos are from AnimeNEXT and Otakon 09'.


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Series Tales of Symphonia
Character Kratos Aurion


Frozen Angel Love it. One of the best Judgment outfits I´ve ever seen, truly outstanding! *w* Kratos FTW!

Thearah Oh my, gotta love the bias tape. THIS IS EPIC WIN. <3

Liarsenicxx Amazing detail on your Kratos costume! I love this very much! It is Faved!

HimeZelda Loved seeing you at AN =D

Rose of Battle Oh my god. I love this so much. XD Now I wish I had gone to AnimeUSA this past year! It looks amazing.

J-me it look good, I`m a fan of the "tales of..." game, and I`m planing to make a big team for a event in the next year