Angeal Hewley Final Fantasy VII crisis core

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII



Angeal Hewley Final Fantasy VII crisis core
wig bought an alterd also costume bought and alterd to fit and look like Angeal Hewley from Final Fantasy VII crisis core


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Series Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
Character Angeal Hewley Final Fantasy VII crisis core
Variant Angeal Hewley Final Fantasy VII crisis core


[email protected] I just meant to say many many thanks for your lovely comments =) I like this costume very much, you really look like the character and you pull it off!! xx

Griever 2112 Dude you look like you had so much fun with this character. awesome work, and great shots.

playmysitardemy I miss this costume, can't wait until we meet again! You going to AB '11? I think we're passing out materia eggs again! XD

shattered_song YOu did suuch a great job!! you really did!

CosplayAngel13 I remember you~ Lol Found you! xD

Alexiel10 o.O I like how you look with this cosplay!!!

MissValentine i really like your Angeal! The accuracy is amazing. You portray his personality flawlessly too. I wish we saw him more in the game; he was a great character! Your picking up of the two Tifa's was epic by the way :)

nekonep cool cosplay!! looks very good :D

uchicakai96 Omg, the first Angeal cosplayer I've ever seen! I officially love you now hahaha

*Mia* Looks awesome ^^ Good job!

Chibi_Dark_Link ur angeal is always epic and at least there not my defdualt anymore XD pple told me it was good so i put it up as cosplay lol

*Mia* Awesome costume!!! *-*

Mitsuhii Thank you very much for your comment!~ And Nice cosplay too! ;D

Laserbot cool cosplay dude! :)

darkness_89 Thankyou you all hav great cosplays to^^(hugs)and yeah that wud be fun.^^

Puma® wonderful! I love FF VII series. Great cosplay, amazing sword!

Serephita I remember this costume from AB!! You did a really awesome job. Definitely the best Angeal I've ever seen.

jactinglim great choice. it suits you :)

meenist there are some awesome pictures of you in here!

MissMagitek Angeaaaaal! Amazing work, great cosplay!