Maya Amano

Persona 2



First worn at Oni-con 2007 and majorly improved for AnimeFest 2008 and beyond. I'm extremely proud of it now. Let's positive thinking!

I wish I had boobs though so the front would look better :(


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Series Persona 2
Character Maya Amano


cloudburst Ahaha, found your coscom! Hey, I'm the random spaz doctor person from the Matsuri earlier tonight. Congrats on the win tonight. You're so awesome :D

FyreGothChylde Hey, let me know which day or time you plan to wear this at Oni! I still wish I had brought Tatsuya along..>.<;;. Well at least at Oni I'll have the other version of him...:).

Flu glad to find these pictures! I was Fuuka in those XD

shiri_tori Ahh, can't wait to join in the fun lulz tiems with Ekichi cosplay soon enough--seriously though, you made my con!

FyreGothChylde Such an awesome Maya!..I can't wait to do IS next year. ^.^.^

waste0fcarb0n This is what I like to see. :3 I'm a long-time fan of the Persona games and to be honest, there's too much P3 cosplay and not enough P1 and P2 cosplay. I'll be cosplaying main character from the original Persona soon though. :3