kaliko_rosa as Saria (Christmas Themed)

Saria (Christmas Themed)

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Christmas Original

Cosplayer: kaliko_rosa
My cosplay of Christmas Saria is my third cosplay ever, and my first to be themed to a holiday! Of course, this was done as a partner cosplay with my boyfriend Tenshi Musouka, who dressed up as Christmas Link, to kick off the December con with a good boost of holiday spirit.

The idea was originally inspired by Pikmin Link's "Santa Link" cosplay. Because we both had playable ocarinas, we thought it might be fun to dress up as Christmas versions of the only two characters (conveniently a good couple match too!) that play ocarinas. And there you have it, Christmas Link and Saria.

An extra hooray for the cosplay where I *FIRST LEARNED HOW TO SEW!* o^______^o. I sewed both the top and shorts on my own, for the first time. A former hot-glue dependent, it was a huge stepping stone for me! ^__^;;

We worked on the outfits for a good amount of time, though I can say that my Saria cosplay has been the easiest one I've done so far. Though it was fairly simple, I really enjoyed getting to think of original "Christmas-y" ideas to do for it, like the mini-light belts, the ornaments, and the candy-cane props.

The attention Tenshi and I received as a "cute Christmas couple" was really flattering as well, though most people seemed to be more fond of Link ><;;. Either way, combined with the Christmas events that took place with our club, Anime North Junkies, the whole cosplay and con was a holiday to remember!