kaliko_rosa as Great Saiyaman #2 (Videl Satan)

Great Saiyaman #2 (Videl Satan)

Dragonball Z - Movie 13: Exploding Dragon's Fist

Cosplayer: kaliko_rosa
The Great Saiyaman #2 is only my second cosplay ^_^. Of course, it is a couple cosplay with my boyfriend Tenshi who went as Great Saiyaman #1, whom I thank now for doing the cosplay with me :D.

Ever since I was younger, when I first started watching Dragonball Z, I always liked Videl and Gohan ^_^. My alias back then was "Lovely Videl", and I had always wanted to cosplay her. Cosplaying her as the Great Saiyaman, with a partner Gohan to boot, was a sort of dream-like goal for me :D. Even though the costumes were so out-of-the-ordinary, I loved the idea of cosplaying them.

When I met Tenshi and first started dating him, he wasn't much of a DBZ fan at all. But, my liking towards the series eventually grew on him, and now we spend many nights sitting by the TV watching the show :D. He instantly liked Gohan and Videl as well, and before I knew it, we were going to cosplay my dream cosplays ^^!

The costumes themselves were tricky to make. We got the bodysuit from a dance studio, and Tenshi sewed the body tunic vests plus the capes. I worked on mainly the belts, boots, and gloves. Currently, both of our costumes are only in the process stages. My helmet needs to be painted with antannae added, and we'll also be working on Tenshi's helmet.

However, after wearing them at CNAX'04, we now know of many renovations and improvements for them in the future :D.

I love this costume because it was so -fun- to wear! We wandered the streets and streetcars of downtown Toronto in them, and survived all of the stares, lol ^_^. The capes flowed all dramatically in the wind, and we had the liberty of striking the dorkiest poses without feeling a hint of embarrassment. I loved being "mysterious" and unrecognizable as well ^_^.