Sakura Hime

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



I love this costume!!! and we're planning to make a group at concomics with this cosplay ^^

I really love all the broken parts, we made them all with sessors, it was so tedius to cut all the dress and the shirt u.u

We made the leg thing xD all the belts, cause in this chapter is when sakura broke her leg, so we though that in the end this ilustration sakura would need the "fedula" (i really dont know how to say that in english xD)

All the dress and the belts, are made on vinil ^^


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Sakura Hime
Variant Cover chapter 133


nekomarina este cosplay de tsubasa se me hace genial!por los colores y asi todo gotico felicidades ;D

Daisya_naru Waaaa! hermosa sakurita! neta, tus cosplay son geniales n.n espero y algún día tenga la oportunidad de conocerte!

SanctusIX Eres de mis cosplayers favoritas, cada traje le vas metiendo más y mas profesionalismo!, neto que te admiro un buen!!! ^^

Saa-Chan So beautiful costume!