Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca

Final Fantasy XII



I've been a complete fan of FFXII since the game came out. The gameplay was great, the characters were drawn beautifully (Akihiko Yoshida's) and the story was pretty interesting *cough Star Wars *cough.

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca is my favorite character. She's responsible, tough and courageous. Who doesn't love a rebellion leading princess?

But it was a fresh start for the Final Fantasy series.

We have been working on our FFXII costumes for months now. We've stopped working on them for quite a time because we haven't made the deadlines (conventions) in the past.

But we're going to finish what we've started and hopefully complete it this week.


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Series Final Fantasy XII
Character Ashe B'nargin Dalmasca
Variant PS2 Game


Thearah Your Ashe is gorgeous! *A*

Kayobreaker you make a fantastic ashe great job XD

anipi aawsome Ashe! You're just so adorable >.<

Mico_125 Your cosplay is so good, I like It a lot and I think you're pretty enough to cosplay Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII

Divine_apology niiiiiiiice :p out of interest what did you use for your armour and how did you make the boots?

7th Heaven you make an adooorable Ashe! *______*

carladawn Thank you for your nice comment. I really like this new costume of yours! It looks very detailed.

Phoenix_Kasai Wow! You make a really beautiful Ashe!