Riiko Izawa

Absolute Boyfriend



I love Absolute Boyfriend! This costume is rather simple...but it still took a long time.

Riiko is one of my favourite characters so I just had to cosplay her. I am absolutely 100% inlove with Night Tenjo! He be mine XD *hiss*

On most of the photographs of me in this costume, you can't see the red in the skirt very well ]:
I bought some PERFECT brown shoes from ebay, but when I got them they didn't fit me &gt;-<! So frustrating.
In these photographs I hadn't dyed my hair, but in future I will be using wash-in-wash-out shaders and toners to give my hair a more redish look :)
I'm not very pleased with how my hair looks on these photograph...it looks very unnatural, because of course it's not really meant to be like that, but if I took more care with it I could improve it. Other times I have styled it this way it has looked alright...maybe it just changes when I get my hair trimmed? My hair certainly looks better in this style cut the way it is now, my fringe was much too thick for this style when the photographs were taken.
I may need to purchase the next size up in the skirt, as it only just fits me now XD....I hope I can find it.

I'm one of the only Riiko Izawa's on Cosplay.com :O Yeeeey~!



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NicolaNyappy Very good cosplay!!

Eyarna oh my god a Riiko cosplayer and your in Britain! Please be my friend :( I love absaloute boyfriend, the art and story are both perfection and the ends really sad, how did you make your cosplay cause i would love to be Mika, I know she is a compleate cow, but my hair is too long for this cosplay and I really want to do it, ps, where did you get the colour scheme from? Love and light, Eyarna xxx AND WTF? An american bus in england? interesting....