Road Kamelot / Rhode Camelot




Although I had worn a few others before it, I consider this costume to be the start of my cosplay "career" because it was the first one I was truly satisfied with and had confidence wearing. Looking back, there are still a lot of improvements I could have made, but it's nice to see how far I've come!

Cosplay Head-to-Toe:

- No wig for me! I dyed my hair blueish-black (though it's hard to tell) and styled it using Gatsby Ultra Tough Styling Clay.
- The shirt and skirt were bought online.
- The ribbon included with the costume was bright, shiny, and fake-looking, so I bought a nicer one at a nearby fabric store.
- The socks were bought online as well (from a different seller).
- I painted my nails with standard black nail polish. Simple enough.
- I already owned the shoes from a previous cosplay. Lucky me!

All About Lero:

I've received many questions about my construction of Lero. I worked really hard to make him perfect and I'm very proud of how he came out! Thank you all for your interest.

- I bought the umbrella itself online. It has an automatic release button near the handle, so it just pops open when you push it. This was a nice touch and gave Lero a little more life, I think. I sprayed the handle black with Krylon flat spray paint.
- The pumpkin is just a foam, autumn decoration. I carefully carved out his face, then painted the carved areas (which were now white because of the exposed foam) with black acrylic paint.
- I made the pink collar and yellow cone out of craft foam. To make everything stay on the umbrella, I simply pierced each piece down the center and skewered them on the umbrella's metal point at the top.

If you have any questions about this costume (or my husband's Tyki Mikk costume), feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking!



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Character Road Kamelot / Rhode Camelot


otakitty D'AWW, you make a great Road!

Trir You two lokk great, Cute couple.