Kingdom Hearts II



This costume was so fun to wear and easy to make too! My friend helped me find the perfect fabric for the ties and skirts online which was actually meant to be for a crib. XD Went shopping for the shirts...It is IMPOSSIBLE to buy short sleeved shirts X_X we ended up buying a long sleeved one and editing it. Kairi's shirt was much easier though. ^^ Got the socks from ebay...and I already had the shoes! Easy and fun to wear...even if not many people seemed to recognise us. ^^;; (The game wasn't out at the time.)

The skirt isn't pleated like alot of Kairi cosplayers seem to make it, but if you look closely in the game and in the artwork it looks...different...^^;; So that was the way it was made. I wouldn't have minded making the skirt shorter and more accurate but my friend is leg-shy and it would have looked funny if they were different lengths. So we made a comprimise and I'm happy with it. ^_^


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Kairi
Variant School girl


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