Berserk is pretty much the best manga, period. Judeau is my favorite of the Band of the Hawk, and truly one of my favorite fictional characters ever. I love this costume. It's a manga-only outfit, and is insanely comfortable to wear. Eventually I'll have the armor that goes over it, but I'm damn proud of just the clothes because of how absolutely detail insane I was. See the individual pic descriptions for more info.


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Series Berserk
Character Judeau


GoddessofFlash you make such a great and cute Judeau! please wear it again :D

gundammrw You should bring this to AX 09. Im thinking of forming a Berserk group there. I'm making a Berserker armor Gutts ^_^

lamppu Guuhh, I just love your Judeau. I really hope you'll be able to do the armor(or breastplate whatever you want to call it) some day! (Yeah it's me, if you still remember me. o/)