Elysia Hughes

Fullmetal Alchemist

@Irken Hawk


Well, this was actually more of a last minute cosplay for a friend's birthday party, which was FMA themed and seeing as I didn't have a costume from FMA, I jokingly said that I'd go as Elysia. After bringing it up with my friend, it was decided that I would really go as her, seeing as everyone that was going to be there said that I'd make a cute Elysia. Although, the dress was bought and the shoes and bear was already in my possession, this was a quick cosplay. However, I do plan on wearing it to conventions. Yes, I am aware that the dress I have looks nothing like Elysia's, but it reminds me of something she would wear.


@Irken Hawk
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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Elysia Hughes


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