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I really love this costume, even if it's annoying to wear. It still needs some work because I didn't have time to perfect it before Otakon and I need pink flip flops still, but it's so much fun and it stands out. The skirt was by far the most work, especially because I had to sew the wiring into the hem. But the thing to really point out here is that this costume is more or less 100% hand-sewn. I had to work on it while abroad without a sewing machine, so that's why it took so long. I made the top by sewing the fabric directly into a strapless bra that I had and I put clear strap on it to hold it up (I am all for altering a costume for practicality). All the gold on the costume is painted on, but the purple and black and pink triangles/diamonds are either cut and sewn pieces of fabric or iron-on patching material. The cuffs/hoops on the arms and legs were done with foam and gold fabric. I still need to sew them into the arm things and leggings, though (right now they fall a little).


@Saki Jaid
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BalthierFlare HOLY MCAWESOME!!! You make such a good Miki! The skirt is definitely my favorite part. :D

Tomecko You make a fabulous Miki! The costume is spot-on, and the poses are so cute. Love that poofy skirt.