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I made this costume for a KoF group I organized. I would never have thought that so many people would join the group! We were something like... more than 30 people? It really was an awesome experience, we had so much fun, and I still thank all the people who entered the group ;o;
About the costume itself, I'm not really satisfied with it. The morning of the con, I poured tea on my almost-finished-jacket and had to redo one in a hurry, that's why it looks so crappy and does not fit me very well. =_= I also didn't have enough time to make the pink boots... I really need to learn how to make nice shoes because I'm almost always missing this part of the costumes I make >.>
On the contrary, I love my wig! It was my 1st time cutting/styling a wig, and I'm really glad of how it turned out! ^__^


@Minako Aino
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