Robin Sena

Witch Hunter Robin



This was originally intended for judiging masqueraade at Anime Los Angeles in 2006. I cobbled up what was in my closet at the time and spent a couple of days drafting up a little overskirt, while night_x_walker put together necklaces for both Robin and his Amon costume.

But recently, Miss Sena received a makeover, and she was re-premiered at Anime Los Angeles 2011, five years and the same event where her closet cosplay first appeared. Kind of cool to go full circle with her. Now, to just find photos!


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Series Witch Hunter Robin
Character Robin Sena


Dany I had my hair in braided pigtails which I then wrapped up in red fabric. It's kind of painful, and they do not stay perfectly straight, but then again, more than a few times Robin's hair was drawn where the "handlebars" had a faint "droop" to them. I had a lot more hair during this time, so I kind of think they are almost too thick.

Zelda_Love How do you keep the hair up?