This costume is ridiculously pink. The purple racing stripes make me go faster! XD

I did A20 at the request of my friends (going as riciculously awesme Balmung and Helba) who needed a n00b character for their skit. Also useful for them is that I was able to assist in being their keepers so they could actually move throughout the con.

A20's collar was the most challenging part, aside from the patience needed to top-stitch all those darn triangles on. I used a really neat core material thats flexible but stiff enough to give that anime collar look. Its fabric too so the whole costume is actually washable.

Favourite technique learned was definately that stiffener. Its so useful for adding support to bizarre costume aspects.

If I ever end up revisiting this costume I really want to go back and add her weapons and clips for them on the side of the outfit as was my original intention. I think it would finish it off nicely.


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Character A20


Brita_Lee Nice! I love seeing the lesser knowns from one shot episodes. =D Great job on it.