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Chrono Trigger



I started working on this costume back in fall of 2009 not knowing if I would actually get it done. When Miri and the Otaqueens said they were gonna do a group, I had to get together with them to make a magic happen that was our The Last Unicorn group.

I really tried hard to make sure all the fabric fit the character, the time period and the colors of the game. My tunic is orange canvas and I patterned it myself. I made it a bit larger then normal so that I could get the same baggy look that Lucca has. The hand kerchief was exaggerated for the same look and made out of sweatshirt material. I stuffed it a bit to make it look bigger. The undershirt was a man's CL turtleneck. I took the neck off and cut it in half to make the top of my socks so that they matched my shirt. The shoes were a wonderful buy off EBay thanks to Firelily's expert shopping skills. I love the shoes cause they are comfortable and I love finding cosplay shoes I can wear outside of costume. The shorts were ones I made for my Rosemary costume.

The belt is a weight lifting belt I bought that was real leather. I painted it with leather paint to match the pleather I found for the suspenders and side pack. The side pack and suspenders were sewn and then hand stitched so that you could see the stitching like you can see in some of the artwork. The gray shoulder bag is a cotton/polyester mix with paisley lining just for fun so that I could use it with my normal wardrobe. The buckle I made with foamies and covered in Killz, paint and Mod Podge to make it very durable (Thanks for the technique Miri) It has multiple pockets so I could pack it full of things (hopefully prop gun/mallet/wrench one day). The glasses were from when I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D; I used black nail polish on the side to black out the logo.

The wig is a Light Purple Le Tigre wig from I cut it a bit shorter and cut the bangs into it. I really love the color and wore the wig around alot the weekend I wore this costume at ACen. The helmet was the hardest part. The beanie is made with green corduroy and lined with olive green cotton. I put stuffing in it a bit to give it that filled out look. The gray between the beanie and the metal helmet is camping foam, cut to the shape of the outer metal and covered in the same fabric as my satchel.

The outer helmet was the hardest part. I originally was gonna use paper clay, but what I had was to old so I had to improvise. Most of it was made out of Sculpey. It just so happened that a pie pan was the circumference I needed for the round part. I used a styrofoam ball in the head piece on the side to stick my microphone into so that it would stay. The mouth piece I made with foamies, Killz and a wire from an Old VCR I had laying around. The Gem was casted by Miri in Resin and I added a small booklight to the inside so that the gem would glow. I then sewed black felt to the gray part of the helmet and hot glued the Sculpey into place. Each rivet is a metal button cover, except the bigger ones are made from Model Magic. The antenna is made from a coat hanger. I attached the side piece to the round piece with hot glue and foamies. I'm hoping that in the future I can redo the helmet with fiberglass. It was painted gold and then weathered with a gold/gloss black paint.

Overall I am very happy with this costume. I can't wait to one day use it to do a wonderful skit with Miri, Bonk and the Otaqueens!


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Character Lucca Ashtear


FullMetalSam You make an awesome Lucca!!! The hat looks incredible :)

LeonaWyte I Love IT!!!! XD U make an AWSOME Lucca!! <3