NEW UPDATE: Well, obviously the cosplay is done. But also, terribly broken :/ I had mentioned before I had the idea of making a new one altogether, and i'm gonna. Bought the fabric and started cutting the paper models.. so it's on :P
there's a new pic of how the fabrics look like together and i will put my best in it to make it look just like hers (there will be hair where it need hair, and it will have the extra seams with the demonic writing on it, and all that umbran magic <3)

also, here's the vid of the masquerade :P


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Series Bayonetta
Character Bayonetta
Variant Formal


SilentWitch I also wanted to know how you make the glasses? >>;;;

Super90sgamer Hi Sandy, PG Forums is back, you can share Bayonetta Cosplay there.

altercos realmente unica, preciosa! hey estoy buscando una modelo para una sesion fotografica del personaje del juego PN03

carladawn This is fantastic!!

angelbabycakes This is amazing! Great work! You are inspirational. My muse to create my own from. ^_^

_Alandria_ How did you do the glasses? The came out amazing - like the rest of your outfit. Great job!

EternalSuccubus Wow! *--* Your costume is sooooo perfect, honey!!! I loved!!!! Congratulations, you ARE bayonetta!!! Amazing costume!

Shifty Llama Your costume is so awesome, and your details are fabulous. Im planning bayonetta too but i cant make her guns so im working up to that.

sunny.- Muy sexy la verdad, me gustaría que me agregues así hablamos de nuestros intereses en común y podamos llegar a ser buenos amigos o mas, si es que querés, je. [email protected]