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Doctor Who



It took a year but my friend finally convinced me to watch Doctor Who. It took me a while to get into it and then it just exploded into my life. Of course I wanted to costume from it! I couldn't find a female character I liked and wanted to costume as but I loved the Doctor. I had a sucessful costume experience crosplaying Harry Potter so I decided to do the Doctor himself and I love it! I have a similar personality to him so slipping into his character is not only fun but natural, but I still cannot mimic his voice.

Coat- Came from a thrift store and I basically had to completely remake the thing to be more accurate and add in the Tardis blue lining. I love it though.
Suit- Cosplaysky.com. Not 100% accurate but the price was good. I really like the suit now and am glad I went with them.
Wig- Local Store in Florida
Sideburns- Cut to the correct shape and held on with spirit gum.
Shoes- Converse.com baby!
Ties- Most of them I got from stores but my Girl in the Fireplace tie, I made.
Screwdriver- eBay
3D glasses- eBay


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Series Doctor Who
Character Tenth Doctor
Variant Idiot's Lantern/Girl in the Fireplace/Tooth and Claw/Doomsday


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