Howard Link


@Grey Finch


This costume was pretty simple with the exception of the pinstripes, which I had to hand paint. The jacket was easy to sew considering how much I love making suit coats. I think I had the most fun making the seal scripts and switchblades.


@Grey Finch
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Series D.Gray-man
Character Howard Link
Variant Central Uniform


EgnirysFaye This is fantastic!

technicolor7664 I went to comment and realized not only have I seen this before, but I've commented on it! ^ o ^ Really though, I'm in love with your Link. I really, really am.

technicolor7664 BEST EVER. <3 I'd commission you for the coat if I had the money. ; w ;

Owlsensei Wow! You look amazing~ It's such a simple costume but you've really made it stand out ^_^ I love to see cosplay of the other DGM chacteras. I love the four main characters but they've been down so often.

Renbeau I LOVE IT :D


Smexy Vizard WOW THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOD you ook exactly like him.....i gotta say out of all the coslayers i've seen you're on of the ones i look up the most as far as epicness and wishing i good be as good as you goes!! excellent work...keep it up!!!!!!!!!

Saphira112 Best Link cosplayer I've seen! Great work! :D

Fritz_von_Papen Oh, it's Howard Link. I like it! All your cosplays are amazing^^

hedgehog92 A Howard Link?! Magnificent~! He really gets no love for being such a great character. You do him great justice.

fortyfive I absolutely love this cosplay of yours! <3