Final Fantasy X-2

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Ok, maybe i will have one LAST photoshoot as thief for the reason that i have no pics with my Yunie (sweetfantasy)

So, i got my photoshoot and im extremely please with how i re-made my Rikku. I got a new wig with the correct color this time, new skirt, new top, new sleeves,new headband and dolly eye contacts!
I really am 100% satisfied with my new Rikku and i look forward to giving all the rest of my dresspheres a new makeover.

I just noticed that i put my headband on upside-down
XD im sooooo dumb!

The entire set is viewable here:

Photo courtesy of ernesto J. Flores from PopJam



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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
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TearAngel oO umm.. so like, you must really like Rikku huh? >< good job! i wish i could cosplay either Tidus or Wakka... but ya -.- my skin color (not being racist or anything.)

Nikuro Wow! You're an awesome Rikku. The best I've ever seen!

TerremotO fuiii fuiuuuuuuu

AngieWitch omg!!! I love your Rikku too!!!!!

leumas good job,you make a cute Rikku

Progeny Retiring soon?? This Rikku's too awesome!