Things to do:
-Finish making pillows for digitigrade effect (cloth for pillows and some stuffing was free--already had. need to buy more stuffing)
-Sew pillows onto dark blue sweatpants
-Work off light gray sweatpants (free--already had) for fur
-Make horns
-Replace Ecuadorian accents on pan flute with more fitting accents. Also make a shoulder strap/necklace for it
-Practice playing pan flute

-Dark blue sweatpants tailored to fit like leggings (free--already had)
-Ordered pan flute off ebay ($16.69)
-Hooves on old pair of boots (free--already had craft foam, posterboard, hot glue, fabric paint, and the boots)

Wow, i didn't even remember i had this in here. well the costume got done on time! used ace bandages for "shirt" and it worked well and i got a lot of attention and it was awesome but no real pics :)


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