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also the first costume I did entirely on my own, but PANTS ARE MORE IMPORTANT.

Anyways, at Otakon '09 I hung out with some awesomesauce A:TLA cosplayers for a whole day, and it was superfun. But I was the costume-less butt monkey who held everyone's bags when the group was stopped for pix, and I didn't want that again.
My roomies were doing Avatar again this summer, and they didn't have a Ty Lee, so I decided to surprise them with it. Considering that I gained twentyfive pounds in May, that wasn't exactly a wise decision, but I digress. I'm not the first person to cosplay outside their body-type, and I won't be the last.
I adore Ty Lee, and she is pink. She's like the upgrade to Stephanie, whom I have to bring to Ota in one form or another, so it was the obvious choice.
The shirt, collar, leg bands, and wig were all 'finished' in my hotel during the convention, and I'd like to thank my roomies from the bottom of my heart for bringing sewing machines. I didn't get to the con on Saturday until 7pm, but I freakin' got this costume wearable!

I made the pants out of a supercomfy stretch knit, with my trusty pj pants pattern, and I altered the legs so that they were wider, and I hemmed it shorter and put in elastic in the legs as well as the waist.

The petal skirt was made with linen look-alike fabrics, which wrinkle like no one's business. I drafted the petals, and I used the yoke from a McCalls pattern, and it attaches with hook&eyes.

For the shirt I combined a Burda midriff pattern with the top part of the pattern I used for Nino's vest. I also extended and widened the sleeves. It has an invisible waistband. This was my first time altering patterns, and surprisingly it actually fits over my head.

The collar...I don't even know what that thing is called, but that triangle thingy gave me hell. There was so much scrap fabric and craft foam and paper I went through just to draft it. It's one cut of fabric, interfaced, and it fits over my head.

The leg bands, wrist bands, and hairband are each one cut of fabric, folded and sewed so that they have a line in the middle like in the show. They close with snaps, and the leg bands also attach to the pants with snaps.

The wig is a ghetto mishmash of a Zephyr Long Bob and clip-on extension. It was totally jerry-rigged the first night I wore it, and it showed. Sadly, wearing it in its current state I cannot move much. One of these days I will actually stub it.

Shoes are ones I already had. They're not the right color, but they are the right shape and style.

Overall, the colors I used were too light (too pink, not enough salmon/red), and I need to take in the shirt a lot, finish sewing all the snaps, fix that ghetto wig, and do a million crunches BUT OH MY GOSH PANTS PANTS PANTS PANTS PANTS


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