Hilary as Leila


Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Cosplayer: Hilary
This has been a good year for checking off dream costumes. I've had the fabric to make Leila for 4 years. So long, in fact, that the fabric oxidized and changed color so I couldn't try to match it!

Highlights of this costume that I think are worth mentioning:
The collar- I love it. It's quilted, looks perfect, and is accurate
the pants- there is only one seam on these pants- straight down the front with an inserted piping. The piping was made with a rolled selvage encased in the spandex. Kind of a pain to make.
the corset- I ended up trashing the first one because it wasn't accurate enough. This one has all accurate seams, and zips in the front just like Leila's. All the cross-pieces open and close with snaps. PS Mel is a goddess and sewed all of these on for me!!!
the gun- made by Lionel. Hot diggity it's awesome
the communicator- I am glad to have included it. It's nice to have a piece of hardware glued to my face.

A lot of work went into this costume. A lot of people helped me in completing and showcasing it. About two miles of piping was sewn on that corset by the glorious Mel (our Charlotte). Also, Lionel is a God for doing an outstanding photoshoot which brought us all the way to Boston! Thank you!!!