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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

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2nd costume
So. It's the 22 september 2009 and I have this costume since 2006.
I redid it for Connichi this year. I changed everything.
the bandana is darker now, the collar was remade and the whole jacket was tightened. I redid the sleeves completely. but sadly there are no close ups from all the details.
The codec was remade once more, the throat mic, too.
The pants are completely remade. and the right boots were bought. The gear is nearly completed now. I only miss one ammo pouch (and I replaced the missing bag with a modern ammo pouch <<° but I hope I can get the right one soon.)
The weapon is brand new (fullmetal) and the gloves and the harness were remade by me, too.
Hope you like it.
I'm proud of this costume and think it suits me very well. It's an honour to me for cosplaying The Boss. She is a great character! We have so much in common, it's scary. and maybe thats why I like it so much. It's more like "I can finally be myself" than a "I'm going to cosplay The Boss".

Thanks for everyone who cosplayed with me or hung out at the cons! You were all so nice!
After I got my missing pouch, I can let the costume rest a bit. finally :)
I'm happy with it now.

Pictures of the first tries can be found here:
There are all pictures from the very beginning through the years of permanent remakes


@The Boss
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Series Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Character The Boss (BDU)
Variant Battle Dress Uniform


Hilda This is just amazing! *O*

Fuyuki Sakurai hi boss, you are pretty good.

precious You make a fantastic boss!

KyleMistry You make one hell of a Boss.

Kiarrens Dear god, this cosplay is SO WIN. I wish you'd been at our Otakon photoshoot this past year!!!