smirnoff as Lady Knight

Lady Knight

Ragnarok Online

Cosplayer: smirnoff
I really hesitate to put this costume on internet. I still hesitate in fact. But I put on it because I think it's important to accept all action commited even faults, regrets, and failures!
It was a failure. The "cosplay de la loose".
Actually, I did it in express just the day before the masquerade because somedy had crashed 9 month of really hard work!
A lot of errors, first time, i got a lot of reason to not cry on it. But i dare wear it, thankful to my group and the very wonderful Gradriel. Gradriel, you're wonderful even if you take it for a reproach.
I don't think you can imagine all the way you helped this time!
Hopefully i could continue to do costume with you!
Again, you're a great person! ^^