Izumi Rio

Full Moon o Sagashite

@Skyline Kyo


Quite a simple costume but I wanted to add a bit of spice to it. A simple black vest, a simple red tie, and a simple yellow shirt with some attachments to it is really all this cosplay is.

The hat I purchased a while back (don't remember where though lol). I simply use a hair straightner to straighten my bangs so they can hang out and stuff the rest of my hair in the hat.

I've recieved many questions on where I've gotten my wings. A user under the name of eproductsales sells them on ebay. They are very beautiful wings and just the right size for the Izumi cosplay.

Jonathan (the dumb looking ghost) is a dumb looking ghost lol. I've seen many Izumi cosplayers make a plushie out of him but I wanted to try something new. So I packed a helium gas tank in my car and blew up balloons to make into Jonathan. I think it worked out pretty well :)


@Skyline Kyo
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Series Full Moon o Sagashite
Character Izumi Rio


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