Squall Leonhart

Final Fantasy VIII



I believe this was my.. second cosplay? And first closet cosplay, yet it still holds a special spot in my heart. I just love Squall (and my gunblade!) so much. Also, for some reason, my Squall gets a lot of love! =O Looking back at it now, I cringe at how totally inaccurate it is, but whatever. I still use that same gunblade for my Leon cosplay to this day. My boyfriend and his father made it out of wood they had lying around, and also with machines that I would probably cut my arm off with because I'm that cool.

I used a lipliner for my scar back then (before I knew of the wonders of latex and Colloidon and Junior), which doesn't photograph very well (it gets washed out with flash). However, I guess it's realistic enough because I had some friends who I hadn't seen in awhile ask me what the hell I did to myself this time. >_>


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Series Final Fantasy VIII
Character Squall Leonhart


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