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Once in a while I get a chance to actually construct a costume the way I know how to. Nothing thrown together, no shortcut, just flat out craftmanship. It's been rare lately that I get the time to put forth the effort with school and work taking up most of my time.

One day I'll get decent pics and nothing "post-wearing it for 10 hours." One day.

.Also, if you haven't seen the series, watch it!

The kimono:
There are 2 kimonos. The main and then the green one underneath. I don't know the technical names of the garments. The green is made of linen, while the main is a cotton/poly blend. The designs are cotton appliqued on. The white trim around all the applique is hand sewn. There is a purple lining inside

The obi:
The deigns changes almost every episod. I went with an abstract motif and combined all the images I saw. These as well as the obi itself are casa satin from Jo-ann's. The gold is appliqued. The obi has heavy duty interfacing to keep it's shape and is closed together in the back by velcro.

The wig:
It was a long wig that I pulled up and added the waves for the front pieces. The "bead" is model magic.

The red beaded necklace is made from glass beads and gold "tiger wire." The main necklace with the large pendant is made from a styrofoam ball, cut in half, with model magic covering it. The designs were sculpted into place. There is a mirror on the back of the pendant.

Um... are pants? I used black fabric laying around and made some drawstring pants. Easiest part! (Besides the bandana!)

Shoes/ Ears:
Made by Vartan and Monoyasha respectively.

The chest:
Oh lordy. My friend Chris helped me out with this one. Basically I followed his lead. Props are very foreign to me. He drew up a design in CAD and we went to town! Each drawer is functional, as well as the lid. It is made form insulation foam. Contact paper was placed over it to give the grain look. It was super light until we put on the trim which was metal. And yes, I can carry it on my back... on good days.


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Athel Yay! I finally get to say that I loved your Medicine Seller at Katsucon! I remember you as one of the judges for the masquerade craftsmanship. I was too nervous to tell you during the judging how much I liked you outfit (plus I didn't want to take up too much of the judges' time.) Anyway, I love the series and the character; you did a great job! And reading about how you and your friend constructed the chest was really neat as well. :)