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The guy character designs in Rozen Maiden are not so interesting. Suigintou is the most interesting character, but I don't think crossplay will look very flattering on me. So, I decided to change her into a guy, and came up with an original design for male attire based on her dress:
At friends' suggestions, I did away with the pony tail in favor of hair more similar to hers.

The hilt of the sword is designed to detach from the blade with a bayonet style connection. The hilt is cast resin (not a worthwhile approach in retrospect) and the blade is basswood with a metal reinforcement rod inside (because my wood-only version broke).

The buttons are a rose design I made myself and cast copies of.

The jacket's upper body is based very loosely on a vogue pattern, heavily modified from a normal sport coat to a tail coal. The seams in the back were adjusted to lie such that openings in the seams could be used for the wings. The slits have invisible zippers, so the jacket can be worn without the wings (for convenience) while sill looking "correct".

The wings are chicken feathers stapled and glued on a cardboard and wire frame. They snap on to a harness worn under the jacket, though openings in the seams on the back on the jacket.

Pants based on a pattern, altered to have a high waist (since discussing the design, that seemed more appropriate for the era of the attire).
Vest is a fully original design.


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Series Rozen Maiden
Character Suigintou
Variant Gender Swap


little kitsune An intersting twist on Suigintou.