Kingdom Hearts II



Lol im so sad, but i am so bored at home i just keep starting on cosplays XD and i have no events to wear them to haha XD

2/1/10 - The skirt and tie are completed, I won't lie i have a medium blue instead of a light blue, because in game it looks medium blue and i prefer that colour XD in my opinion it still looks good, waiting for my wig to come trough the mail and finish making kairi's school shirt and this cosplay is done ^^.

7/01/10 - Kairi is currently ON HOLD, due to the fact the personi brought my base wig from, is for some reason ignoring my emails, has not sent the wig and stolen my money =[.

19/01/10 - Omg finally a base wig came, i had to order a new one from someone else because the person i brought the wig from still has not replied to me about refunding my money ¬¬, but none the less the wig is finished and styled ready for when the shirt is done =D

21/01/10 - The shirt is done, and i think it's perfect ^^, it's nice and tight fitted like kairi's is, and allows me to wear the skirt right up to my waist cause that's how kairi and selpie wear theres XD.


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Series Kingdom Hearts II
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Variant School Uniform


Tif9123 Thank you so much for your kind comment ^^, and that must be so awesome doing namine and kairi together ^^.

Ada-gun Your Kairi cosplay is really cute! My sister make the same version of Kairi ^^