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One of those costumes I've always wanted to do, even more so now as a tribute to one of my favorite artists who has past away.

The end of March/beginning of April was once again I-Con!! As per usual my team and I entered the cosplay competition.

I was Grace from Michael Turner's Soulfire and my bf was Hellboy. As per usual we tag teamed on these costumes. Since I've been working like a dog, he helped me out with some of my armor to save me time.

He also made my wings! THEY OPEN!!

I started with a black bra, cut off the straps and glued purple garment glue to it in 3 segments(2 cups and underneath). I did this rather than make a bathing suit top because honestly, if that's the ONLY thing I'm damn well better support me so I don't go popping out for all the world to see. Next using white leather trim, I created the curving details. However, when I was done, I felt like something was missing. This is a detailed enough costume that I didn't want to make it overly gaudy by adding something, not to mention I didn't want to take too many liberties, so I used what was left of the black beads from the lettering I did on the Hatsune Miku commission. I strung them and tediously glued each strand in an outline of each design. All the round green jewels on this costume came in the rhinestone setting, however the teardrop ones didn't. I had to buy a strand of similar rhinestones and glue them around the teardrops to make them match. The rest of the bra is a combination of leather trims, glued, riveted, or tied in order to create the rest of the top. I had to glue the original back strap back on because the white one I had put there wasn't enough support.

The skirt, for the waist band and size(to get all that nice billowing action) I followed a simple skirt pattern. After that, I winged the rest in order to create the curving layers. I added brown lacy trim and had a problem getting those sharp corners. I might change the trim later to get a better result.

The armor and white trim and crown are 6oz tooling leather, cut, dyed or painted, and riveted or glued together. The design work I cut from heavy white vinyl that had such a nice leather look that you couldn't tell the difference. Coming off the armor are strips of fabric as well as the braided cord. It was harder than I originally though and it came down to wrapping the strands around pieces of craft foam in the design that I wanted and just gluing them in certain places.

The gloves I also just kinda winged. I traced the size of my gloves from my Nu Wa costume and just left a V shape at the end. The same trim at the top, I just folded in half for the bottom. I added these nice sparkly clasps, some elastic to go around my finger and DONE!

The only part of the wings that I worked on was prepping the membrane. I cut and sealed the edges so they wouldn't fray by running them through the sewing machine.

Overall it wasn't a difficult costume, but it was certainly tedious and overwhelming because not only did I make mine, but I made parts of my bf's Hellboy too, all while working 2 jobs(6 days a week, over 40 hrs ;____;)!!

I'm extremely happy with this costume. It was certainly a dream costume for me and I'm ecstatic that I could accomplish it. It's my tribute to my favorite artist and I hope it did him proud.
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