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I intend to make Belleza's costume to wear at meets and small events initially, but would of course wear it at conventions as well. I prefer to have weapons props for larger events, and as Belleza's weapon is her ship, that's a no-go I'm afraid. She isn't fought in the game except in an airship battle, so this one would be a very easy to wear costume.

I can't seem to upload my photos here at the moment (perhaps they're "too big"), so pleast take a look here -

The other uploaded photos come from other people.


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Series Skies of Arcadia Legends
Character Belleza


Thearah Oh my gosh~ SoA NEVER gets enoough cosplay love-- after I do Aika, I was planning on doing Belleza myself! This looks great! The costume looks wonderful, and your face is just like hers. Fantastic job!