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TLDR; coming up!

So, I only read up to like the alabaster arc in One Piece, but I already knew that I wanted to be Miss Golden week some day ever since seeing her character! Plus, me capitan fancies One Piece!

Hat: The hat was made with cottons from Joanne's and a stiff, sew in interfacing. The fabric was too thick to bang the eyelets thru, so they're only on the outside and kept in with hot glue ( thanks Yggdrasil Pie for that :D). The band was made seperately with a green band and strips of the pink cotton and is velcroed onto the hat. I winged the pattern and it came out more like a real sun hat by actually shading my face, and not sticking flat out like in the pics.

skirt: Used egyptian cotton from Joanne's ( feels nice on the bum!), and the white belt parts are made with cotton and interfacing. used black to topstitch and do the design in one. Then, sewed it onto the skirt.

shirt: copied from another collared shirt, then realized that shirt's collar was too small :X thats's why the collar doesn't seem to match up! drew the clouds with tailor's chalk and painted over with white velveteen fabric paint.

the tank: I cheated. I already have a dark blue tank with a whale on it, so I wore it to honor laboon!

the jewellry bracelets were found at downtown la, and the necklace is wooden beads painted with yellow acrylic paint and strung on elastic thread.

easel: bought at michael's and used poster paint for the paint areas.

socks: bought off ebay, they are leg avenue.
shoes: VANS, a gift from my secret santa who knew my cosplay plans <3 ILU


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