Fai D. Flourite

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



Well, it finally happened. MY DREAM COSPLAY. Oh my God. :D I never thought the day would come.

This was my first time attempting something this detailed and complex. I decided I wanted to go about it correctly, though, so I made it harder for myself than I technically had to. The blue layer was mostly drafted from scratch, heavily modifying a trenchcoat pattern with lapels, and then trimmed in faux shearling. The waistband is separate from the coat itself; I pin/snap it on fresh whenever I wear it so it holds me in tightly.

The white coat was referenced from the same trenchcoat pattern, HEAVILY modified, and the sleeves and hood were both hand-drafted by me to imitate the too-big look Fai had in the manga (the sleeves flop a few inches past his fingertips, and he has that doofy triangular hood). The whole thing is anti-pill fleece, lined in ice blue anti-static lining, and trimmed in faux fur with all raw edges contained inside seams, which was an entire day's project. The appliques were cut out of fleece and topstitched in place, along with the black sleeve accents. The black sash is made of thick band elastic with a craft foam clasp, and the other adornments on the lower part of the coat are also craft foam. I wear black stretch pants and square-toe CLAMPy boots underneath. My wonderful mom bought me the gloves.

Fai has been my favorite character for going on three years now. It's a dream come true to finally cosplay him! This was my first experience with crossplay, too. I never quite thought it would be possible to finally slip into this character, until I bought the fabric and it actually started coming to life. I can't wait to wear it again.

I dedicate this cosplay to my friend Emily, who's directly responsible for making me like KuroFai (teehee), and to my handsome Kuro-sama, aka Umi-Kun aka Marina, my soul sister. <3

Photos thanks to the wonderful Steph (Skwinky) on my college campus the week before Katsucon, and to the smexy Judy Stephens.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Fai D. Flourite


Autumn_light Beautiful costume! Let me know if you ever decide to sell it :D

juusanbantaigrr Lovely costume! :D

Kunoichi Neko Awesome!