Terra Branford

Final Fantasy VI

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I say "90%" because there's a couple of minor details I'd like to work on/add, but it works as a finished piece as well. This thing was SUCH a labor of love. It's only my second completely self-made costume (Sae being my first). I made the dress with a pattern first, a pattern that betrayed my weird body measurements. So I scrapped it, and tried to wing it with my dressform, and my body. It's far from perfect, but at least it stays on me!

The shoulder armor and the tiara are Crayola Model Magic. I'd love to redo the tiara with actual metal at some point, but I'm still pretty new to things, so this will do for now :)

The design on the dress is hand-painted, and the boots were spray painted - which bit me in the ass after an hour of walking around. I'm going to strip the paint with thinner and re-do them before Setsucon.

Not perfect, but I'm okay with it for now :)


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Narnian Lovely!

Zaid Its not perfect BUT its FUCKING amazing.

BalthierFlare Thar is cool! It's very pretty! ^^